The Band

The Remotes are a four piece live band based in the South of England. Here’s a bit more about each of the members…

Jamie – Lead Vocals & GuitarJamie Jamie is lead vocalist, guitar and front-man of the Remotes.

He’s been playing the guitar since he was little (!) and is versatile in many different styles from Rock to Jazz to Blues.

When not playing with the band, Jamie likes to spend time keeping bees. In fact he loves them so much he wanted to call the band “The Apiarists”.

Fortunately the name didn’t stick. 


Rory – Bass & Backing VocalsRory Rory is our bassist (and does a mean turn on backing vocals).

A life-long Watford FC fan (although we won’t hold that against him), he’s the senior member of the band and has great rhythm and style, especially when playing songs from his era (the Beatles & our 60s Medley).

Rory lives in a stately home in the New Forest


Steve – DrumsSteve Steve plays Drums.

A technical specialist, he plays with such subtlety that you might miss bits of his performance if you’re not listening carefully. In fact our studio technician said he was the quietest drummer he’d ever recorded, although Jamie’s bleeding ears on stage may disagree.

In his spare time Steve teaches elocution, and is in great demand for those wanting to sound more “posh”. Ask him to recite some Shakespeare after the gig… you’ll be mesmerised…


Rob – Keys & Backing VocalsRob Rob plays Keys and does some backing vocals along with Rory.

When not playing with the Remotes, Rob can be found depping with 2 of the UK’s favourite tribute acts – Pink & Abba. These last 2 might lead you to think Rob is a bit camp, but he swears the limp wrists are all part of his keyboard “technique”.

Outside of music, Rob is a respected authority on Melissophobia (being a life long sufferer). He and Jamie do not socialise outside of the band…